• Artist:* Prince
  • Album: * Plectrum Electrum

I had a listen to “Plectrum Electrum” this weekend. As previously indicated, this is one of two NEW albums released by Prince. On this particular album Prince, co-pilots the ship with his 3 pieces all- girl backing band “3Rd Eye Girl”. After listening to the solo album “Art Official Age”, I found it to be underwhelming. I find “Plectrum Electrum” to be the complete opposite.
I know this is completely speculative, but I feel as if this THIS is the album Prince always meant to release. His new business relationship with Warner Bros compelled him to give them something marketable in the form of “Art Official Age” while being granted the opportunity to record another album with little to no commercial considerations… (“Plectrum Electrum”).
“Plectrum Electrum” was recorded live and in analog and is devoid of some of the digital gimmicks on “Art Official Age”.
It’s not too hard to imagine that Prince did not care whether “Plectrum Electrum” sells or not considering that he gave away his previous album away for free. Hell, Prince does not even appear on the cover of “Plectrum Electrum”. To the undiscerning music buyer, the album is likely to go unnoticed on the shelf.
“Plectrum Electrum” comes with all the makings of a Rock album, extended electric guitar solos and all. Even though I prefer Prince’s Funk/Soul side, I still choose “Plectrum Electrum” because it’s honest, inspired music. “Art Official Age” comes off as contrived, for reasons already mentioned above.
All things considered, Prince finds himself in a very favourable position in his career. Where his previous relationship with Warner Bros forced him to boldly change his name in protest of what he considered creative limitation. He has now regained control of his masters, publishing rights and is able to give Warner Bros one album to SELL and one album of music HE wants to record. It’s a win win situation. I understand we’re going to have a tour promoted by Live Nation in the near future. Since Big Concerts now serves as Live Nation’s promotional partner in South Africa, I pray that one of the dates will be to the so called “motherland”.

- Bongani Mdakane

(Self procclaimed biggest Prince Fan & follower, this side of everywhere. )